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A Day in the Life

Family Day at the Carnival

March 23, 2012

On Tuesday my family and I went to the carnival at Harundale Plaza, it was still daylight out so there wasn't that many people out yet, which made the day really great! My niece and nephew are 10 and 8, having them run around in a crowded area never sounds like a fun time, being able to walk around with them and take photographs without that worry of watching them like a hawk as they zig zag through groups was definitely a relief. Since they pretty much had the whole park to themselves there was no lines and they rode all the "non-scary" rides in about 30 mins....and they rode those rides two or three times that has to be some kind of record, hahah! Shawn and I even got to ride some of the rides, which was exciting - I actually forgot how scary that giant slide is. But of course Shawn had more of an exciting time since he got to ride the ferris wheel AND the bumper cars, my nephew is crazy about Shawn, so as soon as we got into the carnival Danny exclaimed, "SHAWN AND ME ARE GOING ON THE FERRIS WHEEL!" :) So cute. 

I wish every day could be like this.













Such a fun day! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going camping this weekend with Shawn, so my next blog is already set! :D

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Comments on A Day in the Life

Shawn Squire on Facebook said 10 years ago
Why am I waving like a dork on both of the pictures? =(