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Custom Wedding Party Invitations With Basic Invite

Guest Post

This week's post is a very special one from Katie at Basic Invite! She contacted me about doing a little guest post, and I immediately jumped at the chance. Basic Invite is such an awesome company to chat with; I've been communicating with them for a while now and it's been such a joy. They also allow you to create some pretty gorgeous paper products! I'll let Katie tell you all about that!  Spring is here and wedding season is not too far away. That means wedding plans and wedding parties galore! This is such an exciting time of year for many, whether you’re a bride or groom, a friend or family member of the former, or someone in the industry – wedding bells are definitely ringing right now, and you should all be looking forward to what’s coming… I know I am! There are quite a lot of plans ahead and that comes with a long to-do list, but that’s okay because I am here along with the stationery experts over at Basic Invite to help you out by giving you ideas and inspiration for all of your wedding parties! So, if you’re ready to gear up for engagement parties, showers, bachelorette celebrations, and rehearsals you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to wedding parties Basic Invite is stocked up on styles to suit every couple’s theme and style to make sure the pre-wedding invitations and celebrations are on point...

Our Geode & Watercolor Styled Shoot

We've Been Featured!

Well, it's finally here! The Smitten Magazine issue featuring the Spring styled shoot by Marlayna and me is now live! We are so honored to have our names in such a beautiful collection of styles, recipes and photographs. It truly feels like a dream to have our work recognized, especially after the difficult process of getting it submitted. I still remember when we got the email from the editor of Smitten telling us that she loved the shoot and wanted to put it in Issue 15 of the magazine. Cue the tears and the giddy bouncing up and down in our chairs. Once we settled down we realized that we had to wait an entire month and a half until June for the magazine to come out, which seriously felt like an eternity. I don't know how we made it through, but here we are! Check out the Fresh Issue here! The most rewarding feeling was going to Smitten's site and seeing that beautiful cover image, and then flipping through the first few pages and seeing our faces (that sounds vain, but it was really friggin' cool). Seeing our images alongside so many other talented photographers and beautiful couples made all of the stress and worry completely worth it. This feature is not just for us, but for all of the amazing people that helped make our Pinterest inspiration board come to life. The florals from Nature of Design were beyond anything that we could have imagined. Janet and...

Exciting News About Our Styled Shoot

Smitten Feature

So I know I've been talking quite a lot recently about the styled shoot that Marlayna and I did, but that's because I'm really proud of everyone involved and what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. I feel like most planned shoots don't happen within a month and a half (but I could be wrong, haha). We worked tremendously hard, and I fully intend on covering every topic that there is through this blog. I've already started a little bit of the conversation in my blog last week, which made me excited to share every happy, joyous, and heartbreaking moment that we had on this journey. One of the most amazing things happened yesterday: our first shoot - our little photo child - was accepted by Smitten Magazine. As embarrassing as it is to admit, Marlayna and I both cried when we got the email from Audrey, the editor-in-chief. Our entire goal for this shoot was showcasing everyone who dedicated time and their talent to it. After getting just a couple of rejections, we were feeling like failures in the publishing world. But then Smitten happened and our energy, emotions. and belief in love was completely restored! Can I just cuddle this exciting feeling for a little bit :P? Again, I'll cover ever single topic in the series on styled shoots, but just know that this acceptance did not come easy, and the joy of having our work recognized is really freakin' awesome. &...

Instagram Analytics

Rising Tide Society Feature

Today has been such a productive and fantastic day! For one, my fellow photo-friend, Marlayna, and I have been working tirelessly on a really amazing styled shoot. Also, an article I wrote for the Rising Tide Society went live this morning! A few weeks ago I wrote my first technical blog post about finding the best time to post on Instagram, which included a short paragraph on three different analytic providers. After I wrote  the blog, I realized that I wanted to expand on the idea and reach a broader audience, since the information I gathered could be used by pretty much anyone. So I started digging deeper into my numbers investigation and honed in on what it was I wanted to provide people with: affordable resources that could be use to gain insight into your Instagram. I submitted a brief (although brief for me is 3 paragraphs, haha) synopsis of my goal and then I crossed my fingers that they would agree my ideas would be beneficial to the community. When I got word that my topic was something that RTS wanted to read more about, I did a short little happy dance and promptly started pacing back and forth thinking of the right words to include in the article. I was ecstatic, and it showed in my 2000+ word write up. Poor Shawn had to go through and edit my ridiculous word count down about four times (thanks, Shawny :P). I have never felt as confident as...

Kati and Chris's Engagement

Bayside Bride Feature

Today I am so happy to have one of my engagement sessions featured on Bayside Bride! It's a total honor to have Kati and Chris's session showcased. Not only are these two the sweetest couple, but they have an adorable pup named Dempsey that I completely fell in love with during our session. You might remember their session when I posted it a month ago, but I wanted to post some of their images again because I am overjoyed that their beautiful session is being recognized. It's also thrilling and exciting when your work is appreciated, and from reading all that Kati said for the feature, I absolutely feel incredibly blessed. I have to thank Kati, Chris, and Dempsey again for waking up early and braving the chilly morning. Enjoy some of my favorite images from their session and be sure to check out Bayside Bride's feature! <3   ______________________________________________________________________________ ...