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A Sunrise Engagement at Jerusalem Mill

Melissa & JJ

Fall is finally starting to make it's appearance, and I could not be happier about it! On Sunday, we met up with Melissa and JJ at Jerusalem Mill Village. It's a perfect little spot that offers up so many different looks. There's a field with terrific views of the changing season, ruins that create an old world feel, and a relaxing river that looks like a painting. Everything in this area is so beautiful, and I'm always in awe whenever we get the chance to photograph here. Being with an amazing couple like Melissa and JJ in this surreal location that is out of a magazine makes me so giddy. Any time that we get to spend with a couple is fantastic. We get to know their relationship, how they interact, what makes them laugh. It's great to see and it makes us even more excited for their marriage. The best thing about Melissa and JJ is that they like to have fun with each other. They make each other laugh and do goofy things, which is the kind of love that makes me smile. During every session, there is a point where we all get comfortable with one another. The walls come down and it's almost as if we have known each other for a long time. We reached that point in Melissa and JJ's session very early on, so the entire time shooting we were joking and laughing with small bursts of hilarious posing. My favorite pose from...

Middle Patuxent Environmental Engagement

Michelle & George

On Thursday, Shawn and I met up with Michelle and George for their cool autumn engagement session. The location for their shoot was, conveniently, right in Michelle's backyard. How cool is it that she lives right beside the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area?! Walking on the trails of this gorgeous spot, it was hard to believe that civilization was so close. It seemed like we had stepped into a totally different world. Middle Patuxent Environmental Area has so much to offer: there is a small pond area, a grassy field, and even a bridge that passes over a river. This location is so perfect, and I'm really glad that Michelle suggested it. The greatest part about any session is getting to know the couple. Michelle and George are such an adorable pair. Shawn and I loved strolling through the environmental area with them because it allowed us to chat about everything. The biggest topic was Michelle's dog, Wrigley, who is a super handsome 12 year old Golden Retriever. Age is no hang-up for Wrigley, as he still possesses all the sass and spunk of a 4 year old pup. We really enjoyed watching these three interact with each other, since everything they did was sweet and fun. George even took a little break to run around the environmental area with Wrigley, which had us all laughing since Wrigley is still a speedy little dude. I'm having the best time getting to know more about these three with every passing day. Shawn...

A Gorgeous Susquehanna State Park Engagement

Jillian & Robbie

October is off to a wonderful start! Yesterday, we met up with Jillian and Robbie at Susquehanna State Park for their engagement session. We met with them a few months ago, and we immediately were in love with them. They are so sweet, and getting to know them during their session was such a joy. We kicked off their session in the field that Robbie proposed in (which was even documented by another photographer). I love that they chose this spot in Susquehanna State Park, because it holds such a special memory for them. Photos can feel really weird if you aren't in front of a camera for a living, so being in a location that is "yours" can make everything seem natural. As we approached the field, I was completely blown away. When Jillian described the field at our meeting, I was thinking of a typical, small, flat area with not too much going on. I couldn't have been more wrong about it. This field is humongous. There are hills, hay bales, trees lining the horizon - it is perfect. Watching Jillian and Robbie interact in their spot filled me with so much giddiness, I swear I just kept squealing with glee. As we moved deeper into the park, the scenery completely changed. Susquehanna State Park has a little bit of everything: fields, historical buildings, beautiful trails, and river front views. The most interesting thing about the park is how the main trail is an old...

Overcoming Social Anxiety


I have struggled with social anxiety since as early as I can remember. Any time I've been in situations that require me to interact with people, I become nervous, I stumble over my words, and my hearing starts to feel like I'm in a tunnel. I became afraid of talking to people because I have this overwhelming feeling that they are judging everything I say. My attempts to communicate with people can best be described as a car trying push through through a concrete barrier. The car is my words, and the barrier is my brain blocking my voice. How social anxiety has affected my life Social anxiety has made me a doormat over the years. Someone who can't defend themselves because they are terrified of speaking up. I've lost potential friendships because of this fear, and I don't want to be like this anymore. I'm envious of the people that can freely chat with someone who they haven't met before. People who can make a phone call without needing a script. Even people who can write a blog post without having to psych themselves up. I want to show my goofy and fun personality to people, and I want to make friends genuinely. But my normal interactions are seriously stunted to the point I just clam up and stay quiet. It's been especially critical in my job as a business owner and photographer. There's no way I could continue to grow my business and be successful if I wasn't...