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Ceresville Mansion

Winter Romance at Ceresville Mansion Wedding

Michelle & Arby

I am in love with Michelle and Arby's wedding! Not only did half of it take place at the gorgeous Ceresville Mansion, but it was a day full of so much heart. Yes, of course, weddings are supposed to have a lot of love involved, but Michelle and Arby are different. They are exceptionally calming individuals with such an incredible warmth to them.  To be honest, I knew these two were going to be a dream when I read what Arby had to say about Michelle. His words to describe when he knew Michelle was THE ONE are truly poetic. It was one of those moments where it just kinda hits you like a ton of bricks, out of the blue. We were walking in Baker Park on a beautiful summer afternoon. I remember looking at her, seeing the soft glow of sunshine light up her face and hair in a way I hadn't seen before, and realizing just how lucky I was to have her in my life. At that point everything that was nebulous about my future, about who I was supposed to be and be with, crystallized and became clear. That day I saw her in a different light, both figuratively and literally, and she's been my dream girl ever since! CHILLS, right?! If that doesn't tell you that these two are magic, I don't know what will. Every element of their day was absolutely beautiful. Their ceremony at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, which was...

Making Tough Calls When it Comes to Guests

Something Borrowed, Something True

Guests liven up a wedding like no other. From emotions during the ceremony to wobble skills during the reception, guests add an extra layer of fun to any day. However, before the wedding, it can be a little daunting coordinating for all the attendees. There's addresses to gather, families to figure out, and seating charts to map to maximize everyone's enjoyment. I know from my own experiences that it can be exhausting, but the thing that worked for Shawn and me when taking them all on: set a cap on guests and hold strong to that number. For our wedding, Shawn and I decided that we would do a couple of things in order to keep our list manageable. Our first decision was to not invite children except for the two in the bridal party (my niece and nephew). The second thing we decided early on was to keep our family invites to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and first cousins. Shawn has a huge family, and while we didn't want to exclude anyone, we had to think of costs and what wedding size we could manage. The last thing we did was to put the number of seats that were being held in their honor on our guests RSVP cards. We kept this to just two seats for each of our guests, and they were super respectful of our request. I've heard horror stories of people crossing out these numbers and writing in their own, but luckily, our...

Preparing Your Special Wedding Details

Tips & Tricks

When you think of wedding of traditional wedding day photos, what images come to mind? For most people, they imagine portraits of the bride and groom in a beautiful setting, wrapped up in each others arms, or the groom's reaction when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. These huge moments that deliver the feelings of the day are definitely ones that I adore, but what about all the items and features that shape the look and theme of the wedding? When a bride wears the same necklace that her mom wore to her own wedding, it represents a really great bond between two women. While the object may be small, the meaning and sentimental value is huge, and really help make a wedding special and unique for the couple. It's surprising how the smallest bits of the planning process can help deliver the biggest impact. The first thing that Shawn and I do when we arrive at a wedding is gather all of the little mementos and accessories for detail photos. Those pieces need to have their moment to shine, because without them, the day would be missing that amazing sparkle. To all my couples, I recommend organizing your personal detail items into one place by creating "getting ready bags". Taking all the important and unique items that need to be photographed and placing them together in a bag means that when the photographer arrives, they can grab the bag and get started with the shots. It...

Brittany & Stephen

An Elegant Wedding at Ceresville Mansion

Brittany and Steve are such an amazing couple that Shawn and I are lucky enough to call friends. Getting to witness two people exchanging vows and sweet glances at each other is always something that makes my heart happy, but it's even more special when it's two people that I have gotten to see grow together over the years. After I had the honor of shooting their engagement session, I could not wait for their wedding day. It was a day I had a special countdown for in my phone, and whenever another week would tick by, my giddiness would just skyrocket! Everything about their big day was spot on. From the decorations to the weather there wasn't any more that these two could have asked for! Speaking of the weather and how perfect it was: the week leading up to Brittany and Steve's wedding was a complete wash with flood warnings all throughout Maryland. It rained every single day and there was even a call for rain on the wedding day, but, by the grace of God, the grey clouds cleared and the sun came out right in time for the ceremony. There was a lot to love about this day, but I think one of the best parts was their unity ceremony. I've seen a lot of unity candles and some sand ceremonies, but this was the first time I had seen the making of a PB&J sandwich. It was completely unique and THE cutest thing...