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Engagement Ring

All Time Favorite Engagement Ring Photos

Including A Bonus Tip!

Engaged, married, and jewelry loving friends, this post is for you! Have you ever been going about your day, catch a glimpse of the ring on your hand, and instantly feel a surge of happiness? This happens to me a lot. I'll be working on something really intense and then the sparkle from my engagement ring will draw my attention. It makes me pause what I'm doing, and think of every happy moment related to my ring. Like many people, my engagement ring is very important to me. It's not only perfect, but it also has a special story behind it. During the creation process, Shawn actually got a diamond from my mom. She is a jewelry junkie who lives for the JTV (Jewelry Television). However, the diamond that Shawn asked for was from a ring that my dad had given my mom many moons ago. The value of my ring is priceless to me. Not only are the memories of our life tied to it, but the lives of my parents are also included. My dad may not have been able to walk me down the aisle, but having this ring on my finger made me feel like he was right there with me and my step dad. The importance of sharing the story is because it taught me the value behind every ring. We get the chance to photograph so many stories and I am always giddy when it comes time for engagement ring photos. Every couple...

Samantha & John's Engagement Spotlight

Shoemaker Homestead

I have been waiting for this day ever since I met with Sam and John a full year ago! These two are the absolute sweetest, and they are getting married tomorrow at one of the prettiest locations, Shoemaker Homestead. Shawn and I got the pleasure to see their gorgeous wedding location during their engagement session, and I was just blown away. There are horses, a beautiful barn and gardens that have the most colorful flowers. If you want to check out their full engagement session feel free to head over to their original blog post. It is truly going to be amazing to see this homestead all ready for Sam and John to be married. Tomorrow is going to look like it's totally out of a magazine! Getting to know these two and their location over the course of their e-session was one of my greatest joys. It really did make this waiting game for tomorrow almost impossible. Leading up to this day, I do have to mention how incredibly organized Sam has been as a bride. I mean, she has been on top of her timeline and her family group shots, which is rare. It's been a total dream to have this super sweet bride keep us in the loop with everything. We get to attend and shoot a little bit of their rehearsal tonight, and I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to see these two again and meet their families! If their families are...

Alyssa & Ryan

A Gorgeous Engagement at Quiet Waters

This Saturday, Shawn and I spent the day with an amazing couple at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. It was one of the few days in May that wasn't plagued with rain, so we were able to get outside and really explore the park for Alyssa and Ryan's engagement session. Unfortunately for us, everyone else seemed to have the same idea, so we had to be extra diligent in finding interesting spots that weren't crowded with photographers. The thing that I love about Quiet Waters, though, is that around every corner is something new. There's gardens by the Blue Heron Center, fields by the amphitheater, and tons of trails. Add in how adorable of a pair Alyssa and Ryan are, and the crowded park wasn't an issue at all. My absolute favorite part about every single engagement session is getting to know the couple better over the course of shooting. We end up spending over an hour together, and typically there is a shared adventure mixed in there somewhere. For Alyssa and Ryan's session, there was the discovery that the road to the waterfront area was completely closed. I'm not a rebel in even the tamest sense of the word, so while it would have been easy to just hop over the barriers and try to make our way down the torn up road, Alyssa and Ryan were more than happy to go and explore an open hiking trail nearby. They were total troopers, and it definitely paid off, since...

Chelsea & Ryan

A Sunset College Park Engagement

It always fascinates me with how close we get to meeting our "other half" for the first time, but we don't actually interact with them until a much later because of life and timing. Chelsea and Ryan know this well, since they even shared a backyard, yet didn't formally meet until a mutual friend introduced them. It's pretty interesting to think about how life goes along until the perfect time when paths can cross, and everything can work out perfectly. I had been eager to meet these two since Chelsea and I started emailing last year. Both of them live in Saint Croix, so our meet up had to wait for a little bit until they both returned back to Maryland. I can totally understand it not happening too frequently, since I'm sure their families always want to come to them, haha! Shawn and I are definitely envious of their island life :P. While we were emailing, Chelsea mentioned that since her and Ryan both attended The University of Maryland, College Park, they wanted their engagement photos to have the beautiful campus as their backdrop. I had never gotten the chance to shoot at the university, so I was definitely looking forward to their session. From the moment that Shawn and I pulled up, I could tell that every piece of the school was going to be fabulous. The grounds were well kept, and the colonial architecture of every single building was breath taking. Every second with Chelsea, Ryan...

Jessica & Frank's Engagement Spotlight

An Amazing Summer Shoot

This Saturday is Jessica and Frank's big day! I have been excitedly waiting for their day to come, and now it is almost here! I know if I'm getting giddy, then the soon-to-be newlyweds must be on a totally different level of eagerness, haha. Way back in August, Shawn and I traveled out to Rocks State Park to photograph these two sweetheart's engagement photos. This park is seriously so beautiful. I just fell in love with the waterfall and all of the greenery in the surrounding area. We've shot here once before, and it is just incredible with all of the different looks it offers. I was even more excited to get to know Jess and Frank a little better, because one of my favorite things about engagement sessions is bonding with the couple. Seeing that they brought their adorable pup, Mufasa, with them made adoring these two even easier :P. Shawn and I cannot wait for their wedding on Saturday. It's going to be such a wonderful day, especially now that Spring seems to be here to stay!   ______________________________________________________________________________ ...