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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Direct Message Vendors on Social Media

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Social media is a resource difficult to live without in today's society. Of course, there are those strong individuals who can go more than a day without checking their accounts or uploading selfies, but they are in the minority of people. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tumblr, are all platforms for people to showcase their personalities and find people that they want to know more about. In most cases, these vessels are also used by professionals to display their talents and attract potential clients. One really awesome feature that most sites boast is the ability to direct message (DM). It's an amazing resource that allows you to stay connected with friends and keep up with the people you may have lost touch with. It's an important feature in the world of social media, but a lot of times, we don't realize the short-comings that can also surface from it. Today, I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the problems with DMing your potential wedding vendors instead of reaching out via email or their website. If this can save one message from getting lost and bring you closer to the vendor of your dreams, then it has done the job :).   The 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Direct Message Your Wedding Vendors: 1. The Message Request Folder The biggest problem I see with DMing is when you message someone's personal account, your inquiry will most likely end up in an alternate area that...

Instagram's New Sorting (The Sky is Not Falling)

From Shawn

Hi everyone. Shawn again, and I'm here to present some news that interests me on more than a few levels. As a computer scientist with a special interest in the technology that makes sites like Facebook and Google tick, I've been watching the discussion about the major changes to Instagram. For those not in the know, Instagram is changing the way the news feed is sorted. Previously, your Instagram feed was reverse chronological ordering, with the most recent posts showing up at the top. The new ordering is going to use a mix of machine learning and magic (okay, mostly machine learning) to tailor your feed to how it thinks you would appreciate the content. Some people are scared this means the death of small businesses, enough to form an online petition to request a reversal of the decision. As a co-owner of a small business, I understand how there can be a strong fear of these changes that might make an already difficult job even harder. This is actually going to have an effect on getting content published, which is one of the hardest things as a small business. And it's scary enough trusting another company, let alone some mysterious algorithm. I'm here to tell you that everything is probably going to be okay, whether you are a purveyor of images or a casual Instagram user. Engagement and Instagram The excellent Instagram post scheduling site Latergramme has a blog post discussing the changes. It's worth a read, regardless...

Instagram Analytics

Rising Tide Society Feature

Today has been such a productive and fantastic day! For one, my fellow photo-friend, Marlayna, and I have been working tirelessly on a really amazing styled shoot. Also, an article I wrote for the Rising Tide Society went live this morning! A few weeks ago I wrote my first technical blog post about finding the best time to post on Instagram, which included a short paragraph on three different analytic providers. After I wrote  the blog, I realized that I wanted to expand on the idea and reach a broader audience, since the information I gathered could be used by pretty much anyone. So I started digging deeper into my numbers investigation and honed in on what it was I wanted to provide people with: affordable resources that could be use to gain insight into your Instagram. I submitted a brief (although brief for me is 3 paragraphs, haha) synopsis of my goal and then I crossed my fingers that they would agree my ideas would be beneficial to the community. When I got word that my topic was something that RTS wanted to read more about, I did a short little happy dance and promptly started pacing back and forth thinking of the right words to include in the article. I was ecstatic, and it showed in my 2000+ word write up. Poor Shawn had to go through and edit my ridiculous word count down about four times (thanks, Shawny :P). I have never felt as confident as...

Finding the Best Time to Post on Instagram

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About three weeks ago I decided to step up my Instagram game. I wanted to post more and earn new followers organically. I started posting whenever I thought about it, usually at lunch time or just after dinner. Eventually, I decided I needed to determine the best time of day to post so I could maximize the return on each post. [I want to preface that my following is relatively small, so the numbers that I receive are not astronomical at all, but still large enough for the data to be accurate.] My first post on my Instagram plan was just before noon (specifically at 11:45 am). Within the first hour I had received about 15 likes on the photo. I was pretty proud of that number, so that night I decided to post at 8:00 in the evening. My thought process for that time was people would be home, finished cleaning up from dinner, and ready to scroll through Instagram. Sounds plausible, but my post at this time only got 5 likes. Frustrated, I started looking at articles on Instagram post timing and found a Huffington Post article that really matched exactly what I was looking for. The best part about the article was that the research was done using Latergramme, which is an amazing scheduling service that I now use regularly. However, I wasn't sure if their analysis of times would be accurate for me and my readers. I wanted to find my best times to post...