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Maryland Wedding Photography

Waterfalls and Love at Patapsco Valley Park Engagement

Emily & Jake

Holy cows and wows, am I obsessed! Emily and Jake's engagement session at Patapsco Valley Park is one for the books! Not only are there beautiful waterfalls, but their dog, Roscoe, makes an appearance. Seriously a model in his own right, this pupper steals the show, haha! I am SO happy when a couple wants to include their pets in a session. When Emily asked if it was okay to bring Roscoe, I almost jumped out of my chair saying "yes!". If you don't know by now, I'm a big dog lover, haha! Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of photography. Not only do you get to meet and chat with people, but you also get to see them at a very unique time in their relationship. Getting the chance to photograph those giggly and giddy moments is something I adore seeing. Witnessing a little bit of Emily and Jake's connection just made the time spent with them that much more fantastic.  These three were up for any adventure during their session, which makes sense since they hike often. We went for a small trek up a mountain, fought a crowd of people for prime waterfall real estate, even stopped off the side of the road for photos. Their images are some of my absolute favorites because Emily and Jake (and Roscoe) were up for it all!  We cannot wait to celebrate Emily and Jake! If their engagement session was any sort of...

Karen in the Big Apple

Spring Time Portraits in Central Park

What better way to spend part of your visit to New York City than having a portrait session in Central Park? I had never seen the park before (unless movies count), so I was super excited to not only adventure around with my friend, but also photograph someone in the amazing space. It is seriously a photographer's dream park since there are fancy bridges, beautiful backdrops, and blooming flowers everywhere. Every time I thought I had found the most awesome location to photograph Karen in, we would walk five steps and there would be another breath-taking area. If it wasn't so dangerous and probably illegal, I think we would have spent the entire night in the park. Apart from all of the fantastic statues and buildings, there was one place that Karen really wanted to find: Madeline Kahn's memorial bench. We started searching as soon as we entered the park, but quickly realized that every bench is a memorial bench or named after a donating family. We had a quick moment of defeat, but by some stroke of rare luck, we soon stumbled upon an empty bench that exhibits the faded plaque of the late great Madeline Kahn. It was pretty cool how we both felt this invisible guide to the area :). I think the best part for Karen, though was seeing The Nanny's establishing shot house and getting some very pretty photos in front of it. A lady who lives across the street even came over and...

Jessica & Frank

A Gorgeous Waterfront Wedding at The Anchor Inn

I am just in love with Jess and Frank's wedding day at The Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland on Saturday. This adorable couple had a sweet and emotional ceremony where their pup, Mufasa, acted as ring bearer. I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me immediately giddy when I see a tie on a dog. Jess and Frank went the bold and vibrant route when choosing their wedding decor with colors like pink, yellow and orange. It completely fit the bright and airy reception space in an amazing way. The mason jar centerpieces (which I'm not sure if they were DIY) were so cool looking, and really made each table feel warm and inviting. Throughout the evening, Shawn and I must have told each other how fantastic Jess and Frank's wedding colors were about 10 times. When it came time for the reception, Shawn and I were assured by Frank's mom that the dance floor would be full and wild. She was not exaggerating. The floor felt packed the entire evening, and it seemed like all of their guests put in 100% dancing effort for every song. During the evening, we pulled Frank and Jess outside for some night portraits. When the Cha-Cha slide came on, the entire venue was shaking because of everyone stomping. We seriously thought the floor might crack in half in the most awesome way, haha! Congrats to Jess and Frank, and thank you both for the beautiful and incredibly fun wedding!  ...

I'm Happy it Rained on My Wedding Day

Tips and Tricks

Rain on your wedding is something that you don't even want to think about for fear that you may be jinxing the day. I totally get it, because when we were planning ours, we avoided any and all mention of rain. So what did I do when I checked the 10-day weather report and saw the little stormy cloud graphic? Well, first I cried, and then I got to planning. Besides marrying each other (which is number one on the priority list, no matter what), photos were important to us. We wanted to take advantage of the grounds at our amazing venue, so we came up with a photo rain plan. We purchased a clear umbrella to use, and started researching rainy wedding photos. Shawn's parents even took a trip to Ikea and got us tons of towels, bridal party umbrellas, and a blanket that I could put the train of my dress on so that it didn't get muddy. We were ready, and the fact that we were so prepared made all of the emotions that that tiny, evil rain cloud held completely disappear. When a couple ask me "what if it rains?" I let them know that rain just means we have to be a little more creative with their portraits. As a photographer, I'm glad to be challenged and to be in situations that aren't perfect . It's being able to produce beautiful images in a situation that isn't ideal that makes me feel proud of...