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Quiet Waters

The Key to Wedding Planning Perfection

Something Borrowed, Something True

Since I'm waist deep in my watching of the Olympics, I'm seeing the word "perfection" everywhere. It's an interesting idea that shows up a lot in sports, and also in wedding planning. There is an insurmountable amount of pressure on today's brides and grooms to have that perfect day. Your decor needs to be new and fresh, and you need to be over-accommodating for your guests. It can be incredibly difficult to balance. However, the greatest shift I've seen in our couples is that the perfect day to them means doing what makes them happy. Following happiness makes the planning process run so smoothly. At a certain point in our wedding planning, Shawn and I had to put aside what our guests would like and do what was best for ourselves. Naturally, we were still concerned with throwing a great party. But when we thought about what we enjoyed, the pressure from "perfect" vanished. We created our own idea of what was best for our day, and it made a huge difference. Seeing couples come to the same conclusion as us is fantastic. There is always the fear that, because of sites like Pinterest, the need to chase a flawless wedding is stronger than ever. Reading the positive advice fills me with so much joy. The key to wedding planning perfection is to throw out the idea of perfect. Focus on the fact that your happiness going into marriage will take you much further.   Marielle...

Allowing Outside Opinions In

Something Borrowed, Something True

Last time in my bride-to-bride advice series, I shared some of the thoughts that my couples had about timing and how important it is. For this installment, it's all about those outside sources and what they may have to say about your wedding. I know it's a little bit of a touchy subject, because with wedding planning everyone has their own ideas and a lot of the time there is unsolicited advice offered that isn't always productive. Also, through the wedding process, you may find that some people aren't exactly in your corner on some decisions as you would expect them to be. Wedding planning is definitely a trying time in friendships and family relationships. But a bright spot is how it brings you and your significant other as a couple much closer together, and makes you really start to see the family that you are building. Shawn and I went through a very difficult situation in our own planning regarding a family member, and the situation was completely heartbreaking and really altered relationships. We faced backlash from my family over a difficult decision we had to make, but it was necessary. The thing that mattered was that we learned that we always have each other. Through thick and thin we can look at one another and know that we are a unit, and when either of us need even just a simple hug: it's there. The most important takeaway from this installment in the series is that you...

Kristy & Jonathan

An Awesome Wedding at Quiet Waters Park

At the beginning of September, Shawn and I shot Kristy and Jonathan's self described "backyard BBQ meets contemporary" wedding and family hangout. Their ceremony took place at the Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church, with their reception happening at the Sassafras Pavilion in Quiet Waters Park. Since their engagement session had taken place in August, I didn't have to wait too long to be in the incredible presence of these two again. Kristy and Jonathan's entire day was accented with the greatest details from some of their favorite things (I love that they ship Luigi and Peach), but bigger than the details: their day was filled with a massive amount of love from their family and friends. I teared up more than a few times at the amount of support and happiness that these two have surrounding them. From Kristy, to other couples preparing to marry their best friend: "Pray more than you worry. Also, plan for the marriage more than you plan for the wedding day. It doesn't matter what the centerpieces look like or how many people didn't RSVP but still showed up.... you're still just as married as anyone else is once you say 'I do!'" I could - and probably will - carry that quote with me for all time :). Congratulations, Kristy and Jonathan! May your life be as wonderful and strong as the love that you have for one another. It was truly a pleasure being a part of your day...

Marielle & Don, Quiet Waters

A Beautiful Waterfront Wedding

A few weeks ago Shawn and I went down to our hometown of Pasadena, Maryland for Marielle and Don's wedding. Admittedly we only live 30 minutes away from the 'Dena - but hey - it's still fun to see all the familiar sites, haha! Marielle and Don were married at the beautiful Our Lady of the Chesapeake. Their fantastic reception took place at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. I always enjoy being able to do sessions here, because it has a little bit of everything for portraits. The Blue Heron Center was the perfect spot for this classic wedding, and it was filled with lovely details. The guests had an amazing time celebrating these two newlyweds, and the party seemed to be going constantly. At the end of the night, Marielle and Don's guests all formed a huge circle around these two and sent them off with great cheers and applause! :D Congratulations, Marielle and Don!   ______________________________________________________________________________ The getting ready was much less stressful for the guys :P   The fantastic vendors that made this day absolutely amazing! Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of the Chesapeake Reception Venue: Blue Heron Center Florist: Cedar Hill Florist Hair: Vanity Salon at Angies - stylist: Amber Caterer: Absolutely Perfect Catering Cake: Patti Kake DJ:  Mix Masters Entertainment Dress & Designer: Bridal Boutique - Allure Suit: Men's Wearhouse - Vera Wang ...