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Allowing Outside Opinions In

Something Borrowed, Something True

Last time in my bride-to-bride advice series, I shared some of the thoughts that my couples had about timing and how important it is. For this installment, it's all about those outside sources and what they may have to say about your wedding. I know it's a little bit of a touchy subject, because with wedding planning everyone has their own ideas and a lot of the time there is unsolicited advice offered that isn't always productive. Also, through the wedding process, you may find that some people aren't exactly in your corner on some decisions as you would expect them to be. Wedding planning is definitely a trying time in friendships and family relationships. But a bright spot is how it brings you and your significant other as a couple much closer together, and makes you really start to see the family that you are building.

Shawn and I went through a very difficult situation in our own planning regarding a family member, and the situation was completely heartbreaking and really altered relationships. We faced backlash from my family over a difficult decision we had to make, but it was necessary. The thing that mattered was that we learned that we always have each other. Through thick and thin we can look at one another and know that we are a unit, and when either of us need even just a simple hug: it's there.

The most important takeaway from this installment in the series is that you aren't the only one that has faced this issue. I hope that by sharing words from other brides, grooms, and myself, you find comfort in the fact that this is just another normal and frustrating part to wedding planning.


Kristy & Jonathan "We made a list of "must-haves" at the very beginning and have stuck to that, it's been so helpful and kept us from making too many plans or financial mistakes."



Ali & Matt "Once you're engaged a lot of friends and family members will try to push their opinions on you about what they think is best for your wedding day and sometimes they will even start to plan the wedding as if, it is their own. But what you need to do is simply remind them that it is your wedding and you appreciate the input but you want to plan the wedding your way."



Heather & Thomas "Don't get too wrapped up in little things and never expect people to do for you what you would do for them."



April & Corey "Ultimately it's your wedding, try not to let other peoples opinions sway you too much (I know its hard)"


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