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Anchor Inn

Josie & Andre Anchor Inn

Wedding Photographers in Pasadena, Maryland

Is there anything better than a wedding on the water? How about a wedding on a perfect October day at the Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland? Because that is exactly the type of wedding Josie and Andre had! Their October 9th day was absolutely spectacular with amazing weather and such a fun group that came ready to bust out the dance moves on the dance floor. One of my favorite parts of any wedding day are the wedding vows. Obviously, you get a great sense of a relationship through spending time with a couple, but personalized vows are always a bite size piece of personality that give you a sweet sense of how a couple fit together. These two had everything in their vows: promises, laughter, and even some tears. We got to see a glimpse of how special and important they are to each other just through their vows, and we feel so lucky to have witnessed it! Josie and Andre, thank you both so much for having us as your wedding day photographers. It was so great getting to know you both and see your day come together so seamlessly! You both are such wonderfully fun individuals, and watching you both join your families together was such a joy. Your lives meshedūüėČ so well together before your day, and, believe me, it's only going to get better and stronger from here! Cheers! Some cool memories of the day! The end of the wedding was really just the beginning...

A Beautiful Dockside Wedding at the Anchor Inn

Megan & Dave

Holy cow, talk about a stunning day! Megan and Dave's wedding at Anchor Inn in Pasadena couldn't have been more perfect, even if it tried! From the waterfront views, to the beautiful weather - the day was just great. The thing I love about the Anchor Inn is how the sun filters into the reception space. It gives every single detail an ethereal glow that makes me melt. The space is so incredible and it takes my breath away. Before fully diving into the day, I have to say: I love a groom that is involved with the wedding and has fun with it. In my questionnaire, there is a vendor information space. I always like to give credit where credit is due, so I compile a list of the vendors for things like this blog. One of the biggest vendors involved is, of course, the wedding planner name. For Megan and Dave, the wedding planner was ... Dave! Now, I know that he was the one filling in the questionnaire, so I feel like creative liberty may have been used at some points. But still, it's evident how much these two worked together to create such a gorgeous day. Add all of Dave's funny comments throughout the questionnaire to my adoration, and these two are my new best friends (whether they accept it or not :P). Each and every piece of the day held a part of them. From the love bench that acted as a guest book...

Jessica & Frank

A Gorgeous Waterfront Wedding at The Anchor Inn

I am just in love with Jess and Frank's wedding day at The Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland on Saturday. This adorable couple had a sweet and emotional ceremony where their pup, Mufasa, acted as ring bearer. I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me immediately giddy when I see a tie on a dog. Jess and Frank went the bold and vibrant route when choosing their wedding decor with colors like pink, yellow and orange. It completely fit the bright and airy reception space in an amazing way. The mason jar centerpieces (which I'm not sure if they were DIY) were so cool looking, and really made each table feel warm and inviting. Throughout the evening, Shawn and I must have told each other how fantastic Jess and Frank's wedding colors were about 10 times. When it came time for the reception, Shawn and I were assured by Frank's mom that the dance floor would be full and wild. She was not exaggerating. The floor felt packed the entire evening, and it seemed like all of their guests put in 100% dancing effort for every song. During the evening, we pulled Frank and Jess outside for some night portraits. When the Cha-Cha slide came on, the entire venue was shaking because of everyone stomping. We seriously thought the floor might crack in half in the most awesome way, haha! Congrats to Jess and Frank, and thank you both for the beautiful and incredibly fun wedding!  ...

Allowing Outside Opinions In

Something Borrowed, Something True

Last time in my bride-to-bride advice series, I shared some of the thoughts that my couples had about timing and how important it is. For this installment, it's all about those outside sources and what they may have to say about your wedding. I know it's a little bit of a touchy subject, because with wedding planning everyone has their own ideas and a lot of the time there is unsolicited advice offered that isn't always productive. Also, through the wedding process, you may find that some people aren't exactly in your corner on some decisions as you would expect them to be. Wedding planning is definitely a trying time in friendships and family relationships. But a bright spot is how it brings you and your significant other as a couple much closer together, and makes you really start to see the family that you are building. Shawn and I went through a very difficult situation in our own planning regarding a family member, and the situation was completely heartbreaking and really altered relationships. We faced backlash from my family over a difficult decision we had to make, but it was necessary. The thing that mattered was that we learned that we always have each other. Through thick and thin we can look at one another and know that we are a unit, and when either of us need even just a simple hug: it's there. The most important takeaway from this installment in the series is that you...

Heather & Tommy

A Fantastic Wedding at the Anchor Inn

Heather and Tommy's wedding day was absolutely perfect! I had been anticipating their wedding ever since their engagement session last Fall. These two are so sweet together, and when they are wrapped in each other's arms it's as if the rest of the world just fades away. During their ceremony there was a moment when Heather started to tear up and Tommy ever so gently reached over to her and just grabbed her hand. It's in those small actions that you see real genuine love and caring. It was really a beautiful and special moment. I am ecstatic to share Heather and Tommy's photos. Everything was just so wonderfully placed and the reception venue: wow! The Anchor Inn in Pasadena was completely breathtaking; the inside was so light and airy¬†and¬†Heather and Tommy's beach inspired decorations fit amazingly with the space! The decor was also fitting considering Tommy proposed to Heather in Ocean City while walking down the beach (AH! So adorable!). I'm so happy that I was able to be apart of this gorgeous day and I'm really looking forward to showing these two all of their beautiful images! :D Heather and Tommy, thank you so much allowing Shawn and me to capture this very special day! We¬†know your life together will be just as amazing! :)   ______________________________________________________________________________ Even though everyone knows already, thank you Shawn for being my photo sidekick (even though you're THE superhero in my eyes) All of the awesome vendors...