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Bel Air

A Sweet Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Melissa & JJ

Melissa and JJ couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day at the Liriodendron Mansion. The temperature was great, the Maryland humidity was manageable, and the 70% chance of rain never materialized! It was what you expect for a perfect summer day, and it makes me so happy that it fell on Melissa and JJ's wedding! Before I go jumping in, this place may look very familiar. Well, that's because we actually shot another wedding there the previous evening! The Liriodendron is so grand, we chose to hit it up the very next day, haha! Seriously, though, this venue is absolutely so stunning. Melissa and JJ found THE greatest venue for their vows and gathering of loved ones. I think the awe of this venue hits everyone a little differently. Some people walk right through to the ceremony space, face the mansion, and get are awed with all the architectural beauty. Others see what's going on inside of the mansion, and are charmed by the history. It's a fantastic place to kick off your lives together and give your guests more than they ever bargained for ;P. Something I really enjoyed about Melissa and JJ's wedding is that they fit so well together. Not only as a couple, but also with their families. Melissa's three niece's adore JJ, and it was THE cutest thing to see them grab his arm and just hold onto him. I feel like kids are the ultimate judges of character, and the way JJ interacts...

An Inspiring Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Jillian & Robbie

What an incredible wedding to witness! Jillian and Robbie are married and I am still lost in all of the wonderfulness. I'm sure my excitement was obvious from their engagement spotlight. However, their day at the Liriodendron Mansion was even better than I imagined. The emotions were so powerful, and everyone was so happy for these two. It was a fantastic gathering in a gorgeous space! Pulling up to the Liriodendron Mansion, I was instantly hit with so much joy. I expected Shawn to tell me to get it together, but he was also feeling giddy. I cannot stress enough how great of an impact these two left on us. Their sweetness and love for one another is one of a kind. Right before their first look, Robbie's hands were shaking, but when he finally saw Jillian, the nerves calmed a bit and the biggest smile spread across his face. They immediately wrapped each other up in comforting hugs and started giggling.  When it came time for the ceremony, the sun was shining and the mood was pure elation. Seriously, about a week ago, the forecast was nothing but rain. But now that the day had arrived, the most gorgeous golden light shown through the trees. I honestly do not believe these two could have asked for a more perfect day! Their handwritten vows to each other, the little smirks Jillian kept passing to Robbie, and Robbie's mom holding on tight to her dad's hand. It all added to...

Maximize Your Time with Your Photographers

from Shawn

Shawn here! Today's blog post is an advice post for people preparing for their wedding, but it also applies to any Maids of Honor, Best Men, or parents who want to help out their friends and family. We have seen a lot of different weddings as photographers, and each one has it's own unique blend of personalities and attitudes. Some of our couples have are very diligent with a schedule and planning, others like to play the day by ear. Families can be extremely helpful and attentive to the bride and groom or they can be more excited about seeing family that live across the country. But when it comes to capturing your day, we want to make sure you get the best quality possible. There are some simple steps you can make before you get swept up in the day that will help us immensely into packing as much as we can into our limited time. Before the Wedding It seems that couples are usually so excited about getting married, they unfortunately overlook the hours before they even prepare to say "I do." It's important to remember that it's your "Big Day" and not just your "Big Few Hours." The time prior is just as critical to the success and enjoyment of your wedding, and it's very easy to underestimate how much time and energy is put into the first few hours of your time with us. Leave Time for the Details One of...

Allowing Outside Opinions In

Something Borrowed, Something True

Last time in my bride-to-bride advice series, I shared some of the thoughts that my couples had about timing and how important it is. For this installment, it's all about those outside sources and what they may have to say about your wedding. I know it's a little bit of a touchy subject, because with wedding planning everyone has their own ideas and a lot of the time there is unsolicited advice offered that isn't always productive. Also, through the wedding process, you may find that some people aren't exactly in your corner on some decisions as you would expect them to be. Wedding planning is definitely a trying time in friendships and family relationships. But a bright spot is how it brings you and your significant other as a couple much closer together, and makes you really start to see the family that you are building. Shawn and I went through a very difficult situation in our own planning regarding a family member, and the situation was completely heartbreaking and really altered relationships. We faced backlash from my family over a difficult decision we had to make, but it was necessary. The thing that mattered was that we learned that we always have each other. Through thick and thin we can look at one another and know that we are a unit, and when either of us need even just a simple hug: it's there. The most important takeaway from this installment in the series is that you...