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South Carolina

Venues I Hope to Photograph

Manifesting Dreams

As Shawn pointed out in his post on Monday, when he arrived back home from Arizona, he shared with me an itsy bitsy cold. I am a very dramatic sick person, so I was pretty much out of commission for a day or two. While sprawled out on the couch and binge watching Modern Family, I started to think about all the venues I've had the opportunity to shoot and all of the ones I have only been dreaming to photograph at. I've heard previously that when you want to make something happen, you should put it out in the world because it may manifest itself into reality. After awhile I started to really believe in that and started to be a little more genuine to myself. I was truly surprised in the effect that it had on my life and the positivity that it brought. So, naturally, I have started trying to work the magic into Britney Clause Photography. When Shawn joined me in 2015, he started to experience these beautiful places and adventures with me. After he came aboard, I really started to expand my view on what, where, and who I wanted to photograph. The "where" got me especially excited because I know there are an extraordinary amount of amazing venues in Maryland alone. So when I opened up my mind to all of the possibilities - oh man - that made me start to imagine big things for the future. I have a ton...

Charleston and Ice Cream

Creative at Heart Conference

For the past few days, I have been very busy in Charleston, South Carolina learning all that I can from amazing creatives at the Creative at Heart conference. One of the most important things I took away was to focus on the clients I have, not the ones I'm trying to get. All of my couples and families are incredibly special to me. Everything I have is because others believed in me and trusted me enough to let me photograph the most important time in their lives. I get so much back from all of the joy in my clients. You have all helped me reach a point that I thought was just a distant dream. While in Charleston, my fellow photographer friend, Marlayna (, and I dug deep and pretty much got to the root of what we want from our businesses. It was refreshing to hear "you're doing just fine" from Mary Marantz (, and to be true to our story from Shay Cochrane ( Our brand should be authentic and in this creative world we need to be a positive community that builds with each other, not one that tears each other down. I'm blown away by the amount of information that I've taken in and I'm so excited for what is to come! Post conference, Marlayna and I did some exploring of the city. We got to see the Market, Rainbow Row, The Angel Oak, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (who also...

Adventures in South Carolina!

Two weekends ago my best friend, Christy, got married to the love of her life, Nate. I was in the bridal party of this beautiful wedding, and what a change it is from photographing weddings to participating! I actually got to dance! Every wedding I photograph I'm always silently singing along to the music, or tapping my foot, or even doing a light variation of the Night at the Roxbury head bob. I always keep it 100% professional, though :P. But at my best friend's wedding, Shawn and I completely put our dance training to good use and it was a blast! When the weekend was over I was sad about leaving, and even now I'm tearing up a little reliving all of the great moments I had with Christy, Nate, and their family. They now all live in North Carolina and I just need for teleportation to be a thing. Enough sappy stuff. Shawn and I ended up staying an extra day in the South and I just cannot believe how breathtaking it was. We strolled around the wedding site, which was at this great spot called Oldfield River Club and really enjoyed the change of scenery. I now want more than ever to photograph a wedding down in South Carolina or Georgia because those trees are on a totally different level. We went over to the Hilton Head area and determined that it will be our next vacation spot :P. Ate lunch next to the water, played some...