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Celebrations At The Bay

Peter & Sydney Celebrations at the Bay

Wedding Photographers in Pasadena

Not only did Peter and Sydney have the most gorgeous weather for their wedding, they also had the most stunning venue: Celebrations at the Bay! We love Celebrations, not because it's on the water and has fabulous views, but because they really take care of the couple on their wedding day. I mean, don't get me wrong, the views also make it an easy favorite, but the staff is just incredible! The Celebrations crew weren't the only people that made the day fantastic. Peter and Sydney's family and friends made sure that the bride and groom had everything they needed for the big day. There were so many laughs, hugs, and even some tears (happy ones of course). It is always so much fun to see the dynamics of a family on a wedding day, and Peter and Sydney definitely have some great family dynamics!  Peter & Sydney - Oh my goodness, you two! You both are so wonderful and made Shawn and I feel like family on the big day! It took all of our strength not to put our cameras down and jump on the dance floor with you both, haha! We have loved getting to know you over the last few months, it's been an absolute joy and we cannot wait to see where life takes you two! Congratulations! Fun things from the day! Syndey's mom put together all of the bouquets. Everyone thought the silk flowers were real! So good! Peter & Sydney...

I Love the 80's with Celebrations at the Bay DIY Wedding

Leise & Chris

Oooookay, people, are you ready for this?! We've seen DIY weddings and we've heard the 80's music, but very rarely do the two join forces. That is, until Leise and Chris's wedding at Celebrations at the Bay. Where the bay, 80's neon, and Journey culminated into a really wonderful ceremony and reception.  Leise and Chris went above and beyond to treat their guests to a fabulous day. They both worked on so many DIY elements to make the wedding really theirs. A lot of times, we think "do it yourself" is to save on costs, but in reality, it's because stores don't specialize to our brains. Making exactly what we want is sometimes easier and makes the day an even bigger treasure. Leise put together so many large scale items such as the centerpieces, the welcome canvas, the photobooth, and their love story sign! Outside of the DIY, there was also the special favors that were brought from the Phillippines all the way to Pasadena, Maryland. Leise's parents carefully traveled with tons of mini guitars made out of seashells that were so unbelievably beautiful. They even thought of us, and gave us our own mini wooden guitars. It was sweet and unexpected! I may or may not have teared up when I opened the gift <3. Speaking of tears, the surprise that Leise got for Chris during the ceremony was COMPLETELY amazing! Leise wrote to me about two weeks that she had arranged for two singers...

Jessica & Adam

A Breathtaking Waterfront Wedding

"I knew she was the one the first time I heard her say 'I love you'.  Hearing those words come from her in a way I had never heard them said before struck me in such a profound way.  I had never heard such genuine love spoken before Jessica nor had I seen it.  The way she looked at me I knew right away I had finally found the love of my life." I'm a total crier when it comes to weddings, and during every part of Jessica and Adam's day I found myself tearing up. It didn't matter if it was the bridesmaids watching Jessica get final touches on her makeup or the last dance where Adam and Jessica were enveloped in each other's arms, it all created such a beautiful feeling. My favorite part of the day was getting to watch Adam's face light up as he saw Jessica come through the doors and down the aisle. His nerves had been on overdrive the whole day. I seriously thought for a second that he may pass out in anticipation for the ceremony to begin. It wasn't until Adam saw Jessica come around the corner that relief washed over him and a smile spread across his face. As Jessica walked toward Adam she paused halfway down the aisle so that Adam could meet her and they could take the final steps to the arbor together. Honestly, at that point in the ceremony (which...

Remember the Big Picture

Something Borrowed, Something True

Weddings are almost always viewed as the beginning of a beautiful life with your partner. It's exciting and special, and most of the time our imaginations build a spectacular day full of sparkle. But our imagination rarely takes into account the stress leading up to the day or the cost of that dream wedding. Both stress and money together can lead to a lot of heartbreak throughout the planning process if you aren't well equipped. Tonight's blog is about strategies to remaining sane when you are in the thick of planning. A few of our brides touched on this topic, and I found it fascinating how each couple dealt with things differently. From organizing finances to just remaining calm, the advice in this installment is very unique to the couple that wrote it. I must say, though, one of the common factors across the board is that at the end of the day you are marrying your perfect person. Even if the cake gets dented, or there is an accident which backs up traffic and delays your wedding, you still get to say "I do" and start your new beginning.   April & Corey "Really consider your dream wedding plans. It's so easy to feel pressured to find things that fit your theme, but really think about it because halfway through the planning process that probably won't matter to you anymore. Really all that matters is marrying the person you love."  ...

Preparing Your Special Wedding Details

Tips & Tricks

When you think of wedding of traditional wedding day photos, what images come to mind? For most people, they imagine portraits of the bride and groom in a beautiful setting, wrapped up in each others arms, or the groom's reaction when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. These huge moments that deliver the feelings of the day are definitely ones that I adore, but what about all the items and features that shape the look and theme of the wedding? When a bride wears the same necklace that her mom wore to her own wedding, it represents a really great bond between two women. While the object may be small, the meaning and sentimental value is huge, and really help make a wedding special and unique for the couple. It's surprising how the smallest bits of the planning process can help deliver the biggest impact. The first thing that Shawn and I do when we arrive at a wedding is gather all of the little mementos and accessories for detail photos. Those pieces need to have their moment to shine, because without them, the day would be missing that amazing sparkle. To all my couples, I recommend organizing your personal detail items into one place by creating "getting ready bags". Taking all the important and unique items that need to be photographed and placing them together in a bag means that when the photographer arrives, they can grab the bag and get started with the shots. It...