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Katelynn & John

A Breath Taking Engagement at Brookside Gardens

I have almost no words to describe the incredible engagement session we had with Katelynn and John at Brookside Gardens over the weekend. It was seriously that amazing. I should first say that I have been wanting (probably more like needing) to photograph at Brookside for about three years. Shawn and I have stopped in there very quickly once before, but have never had the pleasure of exploring the grounds. When Katelynn mentioned that her and John wanted their photos to be there, I immediately started jumping up and down with excitement. We arrived at the gardens on Saturday morning, bright and early. The day had a cloudy start, but that just meant that the flow of tourists Brookside normally attracts would be staying warm at home :P. While it didn't feel much like Spring, the gardens were still in full bloom. There were yellows, pinks and purples everywhere, as well as beautiful tulips blossoming on every side of the path. All of the beautiful colors took us by surprise, since we expected lots of prettiness, but this was just a totally different level of jaw dropping gorgeous. Not only were the gardens perfect, but Katelynn and John were fantastically adorable. They were such naturals in front of the camera, and I loved watching how they fit so wonderfully in each other's arms. Being able to hang out with them for the morning made Shawn and I even more excited for their Jamaican destination wedding next May. We just...

Kerry & Tommy

A Mountain Overlook Engagement

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing Kerry and Tommy's engagement session at Sugarloaf Mountain. We had quite the adventure exploring this location, including: finding a baby snake (the area is home to the copperhead), an exhausting hike up the "stone steps", and a gorgeous view from the summit. Even though we were feeling that hike for a few days afterwards, it was a beautiful evening spent with such a great couple :). These two are longtime friends of mine and (fun fact) I set them up! I've know Kerry and Tommy both separately since high school, and knew they would be perfect for one another back then. Now, playing match maker can be quite difficult: you have to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes, if they can get along, etc.. However, with these two, it was something pretty simple that gave me the light bulb that they would be great together - Anchorman quotes. Good ol' Will Ferrell, haha! It wasn't until college that I was finally able to get Kerry and Tommy to meet, but I think it was well worth the wait. They've been together ever since and have one of the most fun, strongest, and most adventurous relationship. These two really are a perfect fit <3. That was all five years ago! It's incredible how fast time goes by; now these two are getting married and will continue the beautiful life that they have together. I can't wait to see what...

Heather & Tommy

A Fall Engagement

I know I've probably said this a million times before, but my favorite spot to shoot is Patapsco Valley State Park. It seriously has everything anyone could ever need for photos: fields, a cable bridge, rivers, train tracks, and tunnels. Each session I try to get a different look from each spot and I never have trouble finding new and interesting areas. Heather and Tommy are just under 5 months away from their May nuptials and there is no a better season than Fall to take engagement photos (I may be a little biased to the fall :P). The weather on this November morning was actually pretty perfect! The weather was cool, but it wasn't an unbearable freezing. These two just had to get close together in order to forget about the slight chill that ran through the air. I think one of my favorite things from this day was how these two looked at each other. Every time Tommy would look at Heather, a smile would spread across his face that just made it obvious how much he loves her :D. I can't wait for their wedding this Spring!   ...

April & Corey

Sunrise in the City Engagement

I met with April and Corey in October to go over some of the details of their August wedding. In just one meeting I could tell that they were one of the loveliest couples I've had the pleasure of meeting. They had a few places planned out for a shoot, and the two that we decided to go to were Federal Hill and Patterson Park. I had shot at Federal Hill a couple times, but I hadn't ever had a session at Patterson Park, so I was pretty thrilled. We started just before sunrise at Federal Hill and this was the morning to be out in Baltimore. The clouds were amazing, and it stayed dark long enough that the lights of the city lit up the background. Don't even get me started about the color of the sky: it was perfect! Since we were out so early, there was barely any traffic and no crowds, so we had the location to ourselves. We stayed at Federal Hill for about an hour and took full advantage of the city overlook and the beautiful fall colored trees. Our next location was Patterson Park, which was easy to get to at 7:30 am. This park was wonderful for a morning session. The only people that were out were joggers and dog walkers - people that speed out of frame quickly and people with adorable puppies. April had looked up some facts about the park, so as we walked she talked about some...

Meghan & Morgan

A Fun and Fall Engagement

Meghan and Morgan's engagement session ended up being one of the windiest days in November, which wasn't any problem for us since it just made these two cuddle closer together :P. It was such a beautiful day: the trees still had all of their colorful fall leaves on their branches and there wasn't a cloud in sight to block the setting sun. Even though it was chilly, it really had no effect on the greatness of the day. When I met with Meghan and Morgan back in August they mentioned that they wanted to do a comic book picnic. I was immediately on board and counting down the days until their session. I love having little scenes during engagement sessions, since it gives an extra pop to the already adorable happenings and I love when couples express themselves in super cute ways! I've seen vintage books, full picnic setups with food, and records sprawled on blankets, but I had never seen a comic book setup. It was really unique and something that just pushed this session to a whole new level. I am so excited for their May wedding. I can only imagine how personalized and how wonderful it is going to be!   ______________________________________________________________________________ ...