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Samantha & Tim

An Unforgettable Wedding at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

The day has come for Sam and Tim to exchange vows at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, and it is one Shawn and I will remember forever. Like their engagement session at the couple's home in June, the wedding was very intimate and personal. The Environmental Center was a bit of a drive out from the main road, but reaching the clearing with the main building, it was easy to see why they selected it as their special spot. It is a cozy building with a small pond right outside the wall-length windows. It is a gorgeous location, with plenty of tall trees to provide enough shade for anyone who was enjoying some of the summer air. Sam and Tim were incredibly ready for this day. They both had an electrified buzz about them, and even their fur-baby Lincoln (who was also one of the groomsmen), was pacing around the venue with alacrity. When it finally came time for the ceremony, and Tim saw his bride walking down the aisle, all the nerves and anticipation were able to be released and he let out one of the biggest smiles I've seen. Neither one of them dropped their smile for a minute, except for the happy tears during very romantic vow exchanges. Even their personal friend and officiant, Shar, had a tough time holding back the emotions. To finish up the ceremony and seal the kiss, all of their groomsmen stood up holding instruments, and played while the entire wedding party...

My Favorite Engagement Photos of 2015

Year in Review

I am so shocked that the end of the year is already here! Today's blog has been an absolute breeze to write and a dream to pick images for. I've had in mind some of the images that I would use for today's post for quite awhile, but actually going through them brought back so many happy memories of the great people Shawn and I have gotten to meet. Over the past year, I have felt so much growth in engagements sessions; from getting couples to feel comfortable, to putting on the final edits. It's truly been a wonderful year. We have had our share of challenges, but, through facing them head-on, we have been able to completely obliterate any problems (hulk style :P). 2015 was also Shawn's first full year of shooting along side me. I can't speak for him, but I can say it has been the most amazing thing. I love working with my husband, we can pretty much read each other's minds and he helps me calm down in times of high stress. He is my rock and I cannot thank him enough for all the hard-work and dedication he has shown to Britney Clause Photography. There are not enough jellybeans in the world for me to pay him back with <3. Going forward into 2016, I hope to take my engagement sessions to the next level. Shawn and I are constantly learning in order to give every couple we have the best possible...

Heather & Tommy

A Fantastic Wedding at the Anchor Inn

Heather and Tommy's wedding day was absolutely perfect! I had been anticipating their wedding ever since their engagement session last Fall. These two are so sweet together, and when they are wrapped in each other's arms it's as if the rest of the world just fades away. During their ceremony there was a moment when Heather started to tear up and Tommy ever so gently reached over to her and just grabbed her hand. It's in those small actions that you see real genuine love and caring. It was really a beautiful and special moment. I am ecstatic to share Heather and Tommy's photos. Everything was just so wonderfully placed and the reception venue: wow! The Anchor Inn in Pasadena was completely breathtaking; the inside was so light and airy and Heather and Tommy's beach inspired decorations fit amazingly with the space! The decor was also fitting considering Tommy proposed to Heather in Ocean City while walking down the beach (AH! So adorable!). I'm so happy that I was able to be apart of this gorgeous day and I'm really looking forward to showing these two all of their beautiful images! :D Heather and Tommy, thank you so much allowing Shawn and me to capture this very special day! We know your life together will be just as amazing! :)   ______________________________________________________________________________ Even though everyone knows already, thank you Shawn for being my photo sidekick (even though you're THE superhero in my eyes) All of the awesome vendors...

Lisa & Michael

A Breathtaking Wedding at London Town & Gardens

I cannot say enough amazing things about Lisa and Michael. When I met with them last year, I could immediately tell they were something special; when I shot their engagement session this past January, I just knew they were the perfect pair. I had been counting down the days until their wedding. When it arrived, I had so much energy and excitement, I had to dance in the car before getting to them (otherwise I probably would have seemed super strange)! The weather on their day started off a little cloudy and a touch rainy, but by the time the ceremony rolled around, the clouds in the sky were highlighted by the sun behind them and gave the perfect backdrop for their vows. Of course, with their wedding at London Town, it was pretty much guaranteed that the ceremony would be breathtaking, but the added bit of sky just made it that much better. Lisa and Michael have a love like no other. During their bride and groom portrait session Michael was constantly keeping Lisa laughing and Lisa was constantly giving Michael sweet little kisses. They are filled with so much love for one another, watching them together and seeing how they look at each other makes my heart incredibly happy. I loved hearing how they both knew the other was the one, and Michael's take on it really drove home how great they are together: "I believe it takes a tremendous number of moments to add up...

Emily & Cal

An Engagement Overlooking Maryland

A beautiful couple with beautiful doggies in a beautiful location; could there be anything better? Rocks State Park is such a great location on its own, but whenever I get to shoot in a place that is special to a couple, that location becomes even more amazing! We started off this wonderful engagement session with a visit to this really cool waterfall. Since it was such a great day out, there were loads of swimmers all around the waterfall, but Cal and Emily did not let that affect their model posing. I could almost forget the people around us, except for all the splashing, haha! As Shawn stayed back to hang on to the pups by the waterfall, Emily, Cal, and I traveled up the river and really explored more of the area. I just cannot say enough about this location. It was so green and bright - the perfect indication that Spring is here to stay! Our next stop was to the King and Queen Chairs where the dogs were let loose to have fun! This area was gorgeous, and had a spectacular view of the park below us. As long as no one thought of how far up we were, or looked over the edge of the rock cliff, we were totally fine! The three dogs - Sarge, Harvey, and Pickles - acted as my assistants in getting Emily and Cal to burst with laughter. At one point, Emily and Cal were off being cute and as I...