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My Favorite Wedding Photos of 2015

Year in Review

Every photo of Shawn and I is important, but the photos that we cherish and love the most are our wedding photos. We look back on our day and see the family that was present along with the memories that were created. Our love for each other and for the day itself shines in every single image. They are a wonderful representation of who we are and why our marriage is special. Those feelings we have for our photos are what motivates us to be our best possible selves for all of our couples. This past year we were able to photograph 17 amazing couples coming together in marriage. Each wedding was unique to the style of the couple, and every single marriage announcement, I teared up. Shawn and I got to do our first out-of-state wedding in Massachusetts, and because that was such a fabulous experience, we now hope to get more out-of-state nuptials! The best part about this year is that from these weddings, we came out with new friends that we are so excited for and are cheering for every single day. Gathering the images for this post was something that I wish I could do all of the time. Seeing these days unfold again was beautiful. Shawn and I are incredibly grateful for every opportunity that we have been given. We have really grown as partners and photographers so much over 2015. It was no surprise to me that I started tearing up at...

Hannah & Terry, Emory Grove

A Wedding Full of Heart

Everyone has heard that it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day; with that in mind, Hannah and Terry will have the luckiest marriage ever. The venue for Hannah and Terry's wedding is a gorgeous historic hotel called Emory Grove. It is surrounded by lush green trees and colorful little cabins. Because their engagement session had taken place at Emory Grove, I already had an idea of the beauty surrounding the area. When Shawn and I first arrived, it didn't look like the rain was going to let up, but as soon as Hannah and Terry said "I do" their luck kicked in and the down-pour ceased. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that we were able to explore without having to bother with umbrellas. Not only did Hannah and Terry choose a breathtaking location, but they found the most uniquely fun vendors. From the meals being supplied by food trucks to The Loop band getting everyone on the dance floor -- the entire day was mind blowing. There are tons of things about weddings that I absolutely love. One of the major things, though, is the incredible families that make the day possible. Hannah and Terry are surrounded by an absolutely amazing support system and it was easy to see how these two individuals became such a strong and loving couple. At certain points during the day, I had to step back and simply enjoy the precious moments shared between not only Hannah and Terry...

Brittany & Stephen

An Elegant Wedding at Ceresville Mansion

Brittany and Steve are such an amazing couple that Shawn and I are lucky enough to call friends. Getting to witness two people exchanging vows and sweet glances at each other is always something that makes my heart happy, but it's even more special when it's two people that I have gotten to see grow together over the years. After I had the honor of shooting their engagement session, I could not wait for their wedding day. It was a day I had a special countdown for in my phone, and whenever another week would tick by, my giddiness would just skyrocket! Everything about their big day was spot on. From the decorations to the weather there wasn't any more that these two could have asked for! Speaking of the weather and how perfect it was: the week leading up to Brittany and Steve's wedding was a complete wash with flood warnings all throughout Maryland. It rained every single day and there was even a call for rain on the wedding day, but, by the grace of God, the grey clouds cleared and the sun came out right in time for the ceremony. There was a lot to love about this day, but I think one of the best parts was their unity ceremony. I've seen a lot of unity candles and some sand ceremonies, but this was the first time I had seen the making of a PB&J sandwich. It was completely unique and THE cutest thing...

Leah & Glenn

A Rustic Wedding at the Howard County Conservancy

On May 11, I had the pleasure of photographing Leah and Glenn's wedding. You may remember when I posted their engagement session. It was the most amazing, intimate, and cute wedding that I've been to and I am going to proclaim is as one of my favorite weddings! It took place at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Maryland. The surrounding area is picture perfect suburbia, then the area opens up to this gorgeous field to reveal the Conservancy. When my second shooter and I arrived, the weather was great - lots of sun, clouds, and a comfortable warm.  Then, the weather shifted and it started to downpour, which worried me how it would impact the ceremony (it was taking place in the barn at the conservancy). But it seemed like the heavens knew just when to start and stop raining. It stopped soon after Leah announced she was all ready to go to the barn, started once she was safely inside, and stopped a little after the ceremony was done. The storm didn't diminish any of the happiness, though, and Leah was all smiles as she walked down the aisle to Glenn. I love the way Leah and Glenn look at each other. it's amazing when you see two people's eyes light up just at the sight of one another. They are such a wonderful pair, and I'm so glad that I was able to capture all the love between them, their family, and their friends. Not to...